Praise and Worship Ministry

Department Manual

Vision Statement

To glorify God through authentic praise and worship

Service Criteria

The following are a list of criteria indicating the preferred qualifications for a member of the worship team in Perfecting Unity Church.

1. Committed member of this church – The regular and ongoing nature of this ministry requires a strong commitment to the people and leadership of this church. It is imperative that members of the praise team consistently attend regular services.

2. Holy lifestyle – The activities of the ministry project the image of the church. Members of the praise team are expected to have a lifestyle conducive of holiness.

3. Musical proficiency – Each praise team member must be capable of leading a musical selection or selections during all or a portion of services. Auditions may be required. In addition, singers should be familiar with and comfortable singing a wide variety of Christian music; including new releases and traditional hymns.

4. Time commitment – The worship ministry requires a fairly large time commitment. Practice sessions, preparation before each meeting and ministry event are mandatory. In addition, the praise and worship ministry is expected to accompany the Senior pastor to outside ministry engagements. Also, the praise team may be expected to minister during other special events or services.

5. Ability to work with others – The worship ministry is a team effort. All members are expected to support and encourage one another.

Worship Team Guidelines

This list explains what is expected each member once they are a part of the church worship ministry team.

1. Probationary period – There will  be a three week probationary period during which new members  will attend practice sessions and may sing during service but will not accompany the praise team to special events or functions. The purpose of this directive is to assist individuals in determining if they would like to officially join the team and to allow the opportunity to learn harmonies and musical arrangements.

2. Orientation – **All Members must attend Praise and Worship Orientation**

3. Weekly practice sessions – All team members are required to attend the weekly practice sessions (Wed 7:30pm). Whenever team members are scheduled to minister during service, they are required to be in attendance according to the following table.

Sunday: 10:15am for Prayer: Service begins at 10:45am

Tuesday: 6:45pm for Prayer: Service starts – 7:15 pm

Special Events: 30 minutes before the start of the event

4. Dress standard – It is expectation that members of the worship team will present themselves at each service in a standard set forth by the Senior Pastor and Elect-Lady of the church. The following conditions must be met in attire at all times when ministering.

Men: Men may wear dress slacks, khaki pants, dress shoes/loafers, dress shirt (with or without tie), dress coat and dress socks. Unless it is a special service warranting the following, men may not wear jeans, tennis shoes, t shirts or hats during service.

Women: Women may wear long skirts (calf length or longer) please watch splits, pantyhose (at all times, no fishnets or decorative hosiery), dress shoes/loafers, dress blouses, sweaters, dress jackets, full dresses (calf length or longer). Unless it is a special service warranting the following, women may not wear pants, jeans, denim skirts/dresses, tennis shoes, t-shirts or hats during service. Shirts or dress tops without sleeves unless accompanied by a sweater or jacket.

Men & women: When selecting jewelry and other accessories, modesty should be paramount, men may not wear earrings, colored hair or Mohawk hairstyles. In the case of women, women should wear hair color that is at or near their natural hair color.

5. Punctuality/Attendance – Team members must be at services during prep/prayer time in order to sing. If it is not possible to attend rehearsal or service please notify the praise team leader.

6. Service Protocol – Because each service is being filmed, please do not bring handbags or other distracting or cumbersome items onto the pulpit. If you arrive to service late, please wait for notice from the praise team leader or minister of music before coming onto the pulpit.