Education Growth and Development

What We Offer

Mission Statement

The Perfecting Unity Church Education Department provides discipleship in the Word of God that encourages natural and spiritual growth. (Eph 4:13).

How the Mission Statement is Accomplished

Our mission is accomplished by working to facilitate classes, programs, activities and group endeavors that promote dynamic growth in the life of the believer. The ministry will provide these growth opportunities for youth and adults regardless of age or biblical understanding while taking into consideration the variety of interests, needs and levels of faith.

Educational activities are administered through cluster studies and group ministries that include:

Group Ministries

  1. Seniors Ministry
  2. Singles Ministry
  3. College Watchcare Ministry
  4. Married Couples Ministry

Growth and Development

  1. Bookstore
  2. Library
  3. Annual Fitness Challenge
  4. College Scholarship Fund
  5. Vacation Bible School
  6. Academy to Perfection
    1. Basic Bible Courses
    2. Christian Lifestyle Classes
    3. PUC Bible Institute
    4. Men’s Issues
    5. Women’s Issues
    6. Jr. Academy

Missions Education