Connect With Ministries

What's going on at Perfecting Unity

Here is a list of our Ministries.  We are constantly looking for new ways to help the community and the body of Christ. 

With something for all ages our Ministries give members opportunities to be engaged with other believers.  Find out what ministry interest you by clicking through the links below.

Mission Statement The Perfecting Unity Church Education Department provides discipleship in the Word of God that encourages natural and spiritual growth. (Eph 4:13).
The Evangelism Department is a vital department within the ministry.  As our Pastor constantly reminds us, it is the "heartbeat" of the church. 
The purpose of the Ladies of Covenant (LOC) small group study is to help women of all ages pursue a meaningful and lasting, covenant relationship with Jesus Christ.
A ministry of helps department that attends to the needs of the congregants.
Perfecting Unity Church's "Mighty Men" as a department strives to be far above and beyond any other Men's Department.  Their main objective is to lead by example.
Annual event helping ones in need throughout the Roanoke Valley.
The objective of praise and worship is to convey the adoration and thankfulness we have for God.  The PUC's praise team shares the love and power of God through the ministry of song.
We are VESSELS OF PRAISE Mission: To promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in song, skits, and storytelling to God’s people both inside and outside of PUC
Proving wonderful fellowship and identifying needs, the season saints ministry provides the ministry of helps to our older congregants.  There is no age that God does not want to use.
The responsibility of the Usher is to greet everyone with a pleasant smile and provide an inviting spirit into the house of the Lord.  This ministry also host the Annual Rainbow Tea.